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Portrait stickers | Custom Gift ideas

Portrait stickers | Custom Gift ideas

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1 portrait sticker: $10 (extra copies of the same image: +$6 ea)

 *Please note that some facial features, tattoos, and piercings may not be doable. Please DM us to confirm if your desired photo is ok!

Laminated - great for any surface like a hydro flask, phone, car, etc.


  • Pack of 40 stickers - ($2 for first copy & $1.5 for extras) = $60.50
  • Pack of 60 stickers - ($2 for first copy & $1.2 for extras) = $72.80
  • Pack of 80 pieces - ($2 for first copy + $0.90 for extras) = $73.10
  • Pack of 100 pieces - ($2 for first copy + $0.75 for extras) = $76.25

*please note, if your order is not bulk, we will have our signature at the bottom (you can see in some of the pictures as Ra* 

if you are ordering & want an exact quote, please message us before placing an order. Due to the nature of custom pieces & photographs, the price varies.

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Sometimes we do not update our available stock quick enough. If you come across an item that is lacking what you desire, send us a DM and we can happily assist you!

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YES! We are so glad you're interested in saving shipping costs. Due to the increasing value of shipments, we have decided to allow OPEN BOXES. By keeping an open box, you'll be able to ship your items at one time. This will help us reduce our carbon footprint on mother earth.

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